Friday, March 4, 2011

A Taste of Small Town in This Big City

There is a hidden coffee shop in the heart of Raleigh, and across from States campus. Not many people have heard of Coffee Haven. It’s a hidden little coffee shop in a shopping center near a busy pizza shop, FedEx office, and some local bars. Coffee Haven sits off the road and if you didn’t know it was here, then you would never think it existed.

One thing to appreciate is the homely atmosphere. The Coffee Haven takes serving coffee in a small shop to serving homemade muffins on a designed glass plate.

It’s a quiet place to come in study and not very loud, so preferably if you plan on talking to your best friend all morning, you should take a walk down the street to the highly upbeat Cup a Joe.

The Haven even has local jewelry and arts that people have put up for sale. The feeling of personalization to everyone makes the atmosphere more willing to be yourself.

The coffee has a great fresh taste and the selections of coffees and food stretch across a long wall. Who would have ever thought that a place like this would exist in this busy college town? The trees, music, smell, candles, and lighting just set the mood.

Mallory Smith who works at the local shop has been working there for 2 years. “I love how I get a little bit of my small town in this big college city.”

There are your people who walk in on the way to class, people on the way to work, and just the regulars who like to sit around and work on homework. This shop has a wide variety of guest.

Katie Schrull a first timer was so caught off guard when she walked in this little shop. “How cool this place is, I never even knew. This is definitely my new favorite coffee shop.”

One of the coolest things that were quite interesting was the fact that for coffee stirrers they have thick spaghetti noodles. What a cool way to save money right?