Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't forget your Beans!

Want to know the history of coffee, start with this fun fact>An Arabian shepherd found his goats dancing around a shrub.

When you think of coffee, what do you think of?

Katie Schrull a student in Raleigh said, " mmmmmm..., delicious. If its the perfect cup, it relaxes me, and soothes me.

Schrull goes to the local coffee shop located on Hillsborough street call Cup A Joe around five out of seven days a week, and knows thats where she can gets her amazing cup of coffee.

When I visited the shop this morning for the first time I was up for the adventure. The colors were vibrant and they got my juices flowing with my coffee, and amazing cinnamon raisin bagel. The enviroment of the shop is one of a kind. You wear what you want, and people don't just stop by, they sit down and talk to all the other regulars they know. "The place has tons a space, and each cup is personally made with a touch of personality" says Schrull.

Cup A Joe has two locations in Raleigh, one on Hillsborough street, and the other in Mission Valley. Both are very convenient for college students.

Good job Joe. I didnt forget my beans this morning.

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