Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Royal Stuff

This week it was Royal Bean on Hillsborough Street right across from Meredith College. Royal Bean is North Carolinas hippest coffee shop. They have a large variety of coffee, espresso, frappes, pastries, and sandwiches. Not only is this place your hippest coffee shop, but an art gallery for local artists. The shop is very popular to students from Meredith and most employees are students or attended at some point.

Katrina Pierce a customer at Royal Bean was sitting in the coffee shop with some friends Thursday evening playing board games, and drinking a cappuccino. She commented, “How awesome is it that we can come in here not just for coffee or studying, but for Jenga, and Candy Land. Who has Candy Land anymore?"

I just had to get something to sip on so I got some good Apple Cider which the barista suggested, and may I say "mmmhmmm, good".

Royal Bean baristas have received recognition from people who love their coffee. They sell whole bean coffee in house, and to make sure it’s fresh, and the quality is the best, the beans are roasted locally and they pick them up their selves the same day.

How about they make their own chocolate used in drinks, and make their own whip cream from scratch!

I would have to say, what a great, laid back place.

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