Friday, February 11, 2011

Coffee from around the Country

 This week it’s all about some cool deals you can get online.

Thought I’d switch it up with one easy way of keeping up with the coffee world.

Check out this Coffee of the Month Club I heard about. It’s through a company called Amazing clubs, which has a large selection of different clubs from Jerky to Movies.

It’s what every coffee lover dreams about! Every month they'll receive a new selection of two premium quality coffees, roasted in small batches. 

The coolest thing is these coffees come from all over the country. Coffees included in the coffee club have met the exacting standards of the team of gourmet experts, who taste dozens of the very highest-quality coffees every month, before making their choices.

They offer only the finest gourmet coffees from specialty producers worldwide. All of Their coffees are custom blended from 100% Arabica beans, and many have been awarded the highest honors at national taste-testing festivals.

How cool is this!

It’s not even that expensive considering delivery which is free, and the constant income of coffee from around the country. So when you invite your friend Hannah over for a cup of Joe, you can tell her, “How do you like that brew, it’s from Montana, and it’s what the cowboys like”.

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