Friday, February 25, 2011

Does Starbucks Feel Like Home

What a perfect time to talk about Starbucks. It’s their 40th year anniversary and they just took a big step in adding a new logo.
'Starbucks logos from 1971 to 2011
In all 40 years of Starbucks success, people have grown to love it. It’s become the coffee hot spot, but is it a social hub.

Even though it’s very popular and usually a great place to go, still some people who attend Starbucks religiously feel they maybe over populated, loud, and a in and out environment.

Scott Hayes a local store manager tells me, “I love Starbucks and it’s usually my first stop through the week on the way to work, but sometimes the lines are a little ridiculous, and I never even think of sitting down.”

Don’t worry though Starbucks has no problem with sales, and getting people in and out of there.

  •   Annualized growth of 25% since 1993.
  •   Currently 11,000 stores. Long-term growth planned is 30,000 stores.
  •   There are 5 new stores opening every day.
  •   They currently serve 40 million customers a week.
  •   Offers health insurance to all employees including part-time
  •   It is less than one-third the size of Pepsi and Coke.
  •  Currently $6.3 billion in annual sales
  •   Higher sales per square foot than McDonalds.

Looks to me like their doing fine, right?

So why not concentrate on the experience. Why not spend a little more time on the setting.

Rachel Leigh House who attends Pete's, a local coffee shop found that “Petes is a local coffee shop that people go to because it’s not Starbucks. Some are against the corporate setting so they go to Pete's to protest, but what’s funny is that Starbucks owns the shop and supplies them with their coffee. So it’s kind of defeating the purpose.”

Starbucks has its regulars, and not saying it’s not a great place to get coffee, but there might be a little competition. Like Cup a Joe where people just go to sit, or maybe Royal bean where there are live bands.

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